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  1. 5 Mega A4/A3 High Speed Scanner
  2. 5 Mega A4/A3 High Speed Scanner
  3. 5 Mega A4/A3 High Speed Scanner
  4. 5 Mega A4/A3 High Speed Scanner

5 Mega A4/A3 High Speed Scanner

1 2592*1944 ( 5 Mega Pixel ), Folder style ;2、Aluminum alloy material, durable; 3、Plastic positioning draft station,ID card reader ,IC card reader ,finger print kiosk (optional ) 4、Extra USB port,not need occupy PC USB port ;5、with 8 piece LED Fill-in light ; 6 Streching design .Lift up take photos of A3 ,Pull down take photos of A4 .

  1. Detailed information

ZhiZhuo scanner S500-A3 is 5 Mega pixel professional field high speed scanner .Hard file station added internal ID card reader ,this equipment is special design for take photos of  A3 Vocher and collecting A4 Vocher at the same time .This product adpot Tai Wan Industry camera scheme , reached professional camera level . The appearance adopted Aluminum alloy strech design and folder structure ,removable base design . It has improved Portability and other founctional extension , such as social security cards,IC card read and writing ,ID carder reader , finger print recognition.This product is Compact but yet the atmosphere ! It is special in the field of high speed scanner ,winning the loving of public .

Zhizhuo focus on  professional reseaching ,designing the product aiming at the demand of bank from the beginning . In 2009 , Most of Bank start to develop the system and Business process flow . ZhiZhuo’s Remote authoring system running in most of Bank , ZhiZhuo high speed scanner also working on most of bank . Then according to different bank’s demand , product catalogue has done some Segmentation processing.Such as seal verification , fingerprint authorization ,audio and video recording ,face recogniton etc .

As time went on , Zhizhuo developing different versions of product in different field . At present we can meet with bank , Social security , policestation , Tax dept , courts, communications , hospital , archivels , notary office ,real estate center,education etc  field demands

http://orh2kmzmf.bkt.clouddn.com/1.jpg                       http://orh2kmzmf.bkt.clouddn.com/2.jpg       http://orh2kmzmf.bkt.clouddn.com/3.jpg

ZhiZhuo S500-A3 high speed scanner main feature :

1 5 Mega pixel 2592*1944 resolution .

2 Plastic position draft station is opiontal

3. 8 pieces LED no reflect light source .

4 HD industry camera scheme

5 USB2.0 power supply and transmission

6 USB Pre-position port is convient to plug U-disk or transfer the data

7 A3/A4 metal stick stretch , pull down A4 size , Lift up A3 size files

ZHIZHUO S500-A3 high speed parameters 

Scanner size


Scanner part

CMOS 1/2.5 inch

Light resolution



About 1 s


Folder standing

Color bit

24 bits


USB 2.0 connect and power supply





Package size

362*122*92 mm

Package weight

1.1 kg

Light source

Nature source + touch LED fill light

Scan media

Office text station 、Bill、ID card 、notebook、photos、magazine 、3D object


Windows 2003 / XP/Vista SP1 / Win7 / Win etc

Other founction

Auto triming and collecting 、OCR text recognition 、 digital zoom、front and back merge、Bar code recognition、QR code recognition 、Stamp tool (digital signature)、water print 、PDF founction、Video record merge 、Keep red seal founction etc

Product application

Commerical application


5 mega

Photo format


Text format


Video recording format


Power supply

USB 5V supply

Image control

Brightness adjust 、saturation adjust 、exposure value adjust、sharpness adjust、color adjust、Gain control

Foucsing mode

Fixed precision foucsing

Zoom mode

200 times auto foucsing by software

Scan mode

Color 、Gray 、black and white


Internal USB Microphone (optional )

Fix mode

Zhizhuo high speed scanner special hard file draft station (option)


Free driver USB video equipment

Software port

C#、JAVA、OCX、TWAIN etc port , can be customized port  

System demand

 P4 or 512 M at the same level ,support windows 2003、window XP、win 7 、win 8 main board need USB 2.0 Hub or external USB 2.0 adapter card MS Direct X9.0 higher version

Package list

 Zhizhuo High speed scanner ,Hard draft station (optional),USB cable,User manual , warranty card , software CD , certification , Shockproof EPE

Warranty policy

The genius, the state's three service.

Warranty period

3 years free repairing , 5 years quality warranty

Service hotline


Service time

Monday to Saturday :8:30~17:30 ( holiday rest )  

Detailed content

Zhizhuo high speed scanner provide 3 years free repairing warranty , during this period all the replace defect part is free .over 3 years but not reached 5 years , the customer need burden some part cost and testing fee. Repair service do not include shipping cost . When you send the defect product to us , you need use complete package to ensure the quality . the warranty do not include disaster defecting , people defecting or some other software defecting product . The prodcut warranty just available for product itself ,not including supplies and software .