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Smartdroid high racquet face recognition

       Second generation id card of loopholes, many delinquents used in a variety of techniques for all kinds of certificates counterfeiting, fraud, the use of false evidence for illegal activities, daily life, bank, hotel, and mobile phone business and so on all need registration id card, but the scan and manual input information takes a long time, still need to check the id and the holder of the artificial consistency, greatly reduces the office efficiency, prolong the customer waiting time.

       Based on the above issues, smartdroid introduced High racquet face recognitionSolution, just in the business office front increased a high instrument, combined with face recognition system, which can effectively solve business to deal with slow, and can increase more self-service business pattern.

       Technically basically solved the two major problems that solve the fakes are flooded with identity registration unit can't verify the authenticity problem; To solve an impostor, witness, make a false evidence in an attempt to muddle through person sucks hard.



      Face recognition service functions include face detection, face acquisition, face image quality merit, the face detection, face pretreatment, face feature extraction, face recognition ratio, OCR recognition and face recognition networking verification, etc.

      Face recognition features:

                                                   1) non-contact. And fingerprints, finger vein, palm vein and other biometric technology, the application does not need to direct contact with the customer and equipment, easy to use, high user acceptance.

                                                                2) not mandatory. Recognition of human face image to be active to obtain, or capture from the video stream, does not require the customer with a particular behavior;

                                                                3) high concurrency. Practical application scenarios can place of sorting, judgment, and face recognition;

                                                                4) high recognition. The application of image acquisition equipment requirements is not high, to image the picture quality is not high, identify the success rate is higher;

                                                                 5) visual outstanding. "Judge a book by its cover" accords with the cognitive law of people;

                                                                 6) difficult to counterfeit. Live detection, face recognition has put an end to photograph interference;

                                                                 7) using general equipment, easy access to information;

                                                                  8) using a wide range, low cost, easy to use;

                                                                  9) traceability is strong. Face recognition technology can record real-time log, convenient later for verification.


       Smartdroid for financial, judicial, military, public security, frontier defense, government, education, medical, aerospace, electric power, factory and many enterprises and institutions in areas such as face recognition authentication service.