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Network sales

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Sales network: (male or female) more than (3000-3500 CNY/RMB) salary = (no responsibility salary + allowance + present at duty every day) + commission + free international phone + free accommodation


Job responsibilities:

1, through a variety of network channels to find customer data and classification search, the establishment of quasi customer information group


2, customer tracking, demand understanding, business negotiations, contract signing


3, according to the needs of the market to develop the company's sales plan, according to customer needs to develop personalized programs


4, complete the specified sales tasks, maintain good old and new customer relations


Job requirements


1, marketing or international trade related professional, college degree or above


2, with one year of office, teaching related electronic products (such as scanners, video presenter, identity card identification device etc.) channel sales experience, familiar with the support of government departments, banks and securities companies customer purchasing process machine field


3, serious and responsible work, proactive, have a good market insight and discernment ability, strong communication skills


4 、 strong sense of teamwork and ability to work under pressure, team work spirit, abide by company rules and regulations


5, familiar with the high shot instrument id card reader, industry background and business operation mode, there is a large project experience and successful signing case rich


6 、 more than two years of electronic products or computer peripheral products education / Finance / Securities / government / energy / power / communications, etc. in any industry = successful sales experience is preferred


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